Field Training Resources

Field Training Programs

In addition to GPLRC field training days, there are many resources available to the novice and experienced handler. Keep in mind that there are differing training programs and professional trainers, each having their own beliefs and techniques. Below are a few video based training programs that you may want to research. Club members are available to assist you in choosing a path for your training.

Note: These are professional trainers, and not members of GPLRC.

Bill Hillmann

Philisophy (from Bill's website ​​​​ www, )

The most important part to training is to develop a relationship with your dog that will create a bond and a partnership. This will be based on respect and kindness and that will last forever. The way to develop trust can only occur with consistency . . . so, if you are consistent then you are dependable . . . and if you become dependable then you are trustworthy. Then because you are trustworthy you will create a dog that is compliant. This trust will sustain itself even in the most demanding situations.

Mike Lardy

Mike Lardy has been the owner and head trainer at Handjem Retrievers since 1981.In that time he has trained 101 Field Champions and his dogs have earned twenty-two National titles. Elected to the Retriever Hall of Fame in 2004, Mike holds the record for winning seven National Retriever Championships.He has helped thousands of retriever enthusiasts from around the world with his Total Retriever video series, article collections, and workshops. He has been a columnist with the Retriever Journal since 1985.

Click here for Mike Lardy's Training Flow Chart

Evan Graham - Smartwork

Evan Graham's driving force behind his development of ​​Smartwork was the belief that one can never know how good any dog is whose Basics were not thorough.  As a portion of the method refinement, he maintained a strong focus on efficient, effective Basics. The Smartwork sysem includes three books and fifteen very detailed DVDs.

Dobbs Training

Among other things, Jim and Phyliss Dobbs produced a video series on "Force Fetch" which we refer to as a "Conditioned Retrieve".  Although these videos appear dated in terms of production and technology, the underlying concepts remain solid to this day for those wanting to use an aviodance style training method for the conditioned retrieve. The "Hold" videos are available on Youtube but not the "Fetch" portion ( to our knowledge anyway).   These videos seem to be out of production but many club members may be willing to share what they have with other club members. Displayed here is the first video of the "Hold" program.

Dobbs also makes available many free useful training articles at

Freddy King - The Retriever Trainer

Freddy King - The Retriever Trainer Program is a subscription based resource of all types of training information and videos for dogs of all stages of training. Becoming a member also gives you access to a closed Facebook group where people share ideas and ask questions.

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